Charlotte County pushes back school start date as SWFL districts weigh options

Parents are facing a difficult decision on whether to send their children back to school or choose distance learning.

Lee County Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins wants to push back the start of school by two to three weeks to give parents and staff more time to prepare.

The school board will make the final decision during an emergency meeting Thursday.

You can find updates and get more information about the upcoming school year on the Lee School District website here.

Adkins said if there’s a spike in cases, they would close schools if needed.

In Charlotte County on Tuesday, school leaders met to discuss the safest way to return to the classroom and what it would take to pull the plug on returning at all.

In a unanimous decision, the board elected to push back the school start date to Aug. 31.

Also passed by the school board was the decision to require masks to be worn on all school district property.

For more information about Charlotte County’s plan for the school year, visit the Charlotte County Public School website here.

Meanwhile, Collier County schools already pushed back their start date by one week to Aug. 19.

They’re also giving you more time to choose how you want your child to go back.

You have until Monday, July 27, to pick from one of the following options:

  • In-person class;
  • Homeschool; or
  • Their new virtual school called “eCollier Academy,” with a flexible or structured schedule.

For more information about the upcoming school year, visit the Collier County School District website here.

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