Winn-Dixie to require face coverings beginning July 27

One of the few remaining big retailers to hold out on requiring face masks, Winn-Dixie announced Monday that it is implementing a mask mandate in its stores beginning July 27.

“As we have navigated through the complexities and challenges of the pandemic, we have progressively shaped our operations and are continuing to update our policies to best protect all those who depend upon us. This unprecedented period requires a willingness to be adaptable and flexible to ever-changing circumstances, and we will continue to adjust as needed over time,” said Joe Caldwell, director of Winn-Dixie Corporate Communications and Government Affairs.

“We believe that the enforcement should be placed upon our state and federally elected officials, and we will continue to work with our peers in the retail industry to advocate for this sensible mandate to be passed into law to remove the burden from employers and their heroic frontline associates.”

Retailer mask mandates

– In effect: May 4
– Exception for people under 2 and with a health condition

– In effect: July 14
– No mask? Curbside pickup, delivery, drive-thru available

Best Buy
– In effect: July 15
– Face coverings will be provided for customers who don’t have one, and small children and customers unable to wear a mask for health reasons can shop without one.
– Curbside pickup is available

Walmart and Sam’s Club
– In effect: July 20
– Signs and staff at front doors reminding people to put on face covering
– Trained health ambassadors will be stationed in stores to remind people of the rule
– Sam’ s Club will provide complim entary masks if the member doesn’t have one

– In effect: July 20
– Employees will not enforce but will ask customers to follow rule

– In effect: July 20
– Free masks will be available at the customer service desk of every store for customers who need them

– In effect: July 21
– Signs at front and in-store announcements to remind shoppers of the rule
– Does not apply to children and people with health conditions, who are encouraged to use curbside pickup/delivery

– In effect: July 21
– No mask? Drive-up service or
– Does not apply to people with a health condition

Home Depot
– In effect: July 22
– Small children or those who have a valid medical condition will not be required to wear a mask.

– In effect: July 27

– In effect: Aug. 1
– Does not apply to those with underlying medical conditions and young children
– Stores will provide disposable masks
– There will be signage and audio reminders within the stores

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