Charlotte County parents prepare for back to school as district still works to make a plan

School is back in session in three short weeks in Charlotte County.

The district sent out a preliminary plan, but there’s a lot we still don’t know.

“My heart goes out to school leaders, because how do you build a schedule here at the end of July, not knowing exactly how many students will come back in,” said former Charlotte County principal, Barney Duffy. “It’s an uncertain time for all of us, at best.”

Uncertain when it comes to teaching, but also when it comes to safety. Duffy breaks down the biggest threat to health in the classroom.

If your child has COVID-19 symptoms in the classroom, they’ll be sent home. Their absence will be excused until their return is deemed safe per CDC guidelines. Same thing if your kid tests positive — that’s an excused absence until they’re allowed to return. Parents, the district will alert you if any kid tests positive, but you won’t know who it is.

For some parents, that’s enough information. For others, not nearly enough.

“The biggest concern is, what if a kid gets sick? Does the whole class then have to quarantine? What about a family member of an educator or an employee of the school district,” Duffy said. “Many of them are scared. They have families of their own.”

Parents, if you want to enroll your kid in virtual school, your last day to do that on the district’s website is July 31. You’ll soon get a survey from the district to assess student bus usage.

While school officials try to figure things out, parents are still preparing.

Saturday morning at Harold Avenue Regional Park, Charlotte County students can come and pick up a free backpack.

If you are sending your child back and want a backpack for them, you can pick one up at the park between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Your child must be with you and live in Charlotte County.

Reporter:Sydney Persing
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