Stopping the spread in fashion: Face masks coming in all shapes, colors and patterns

From shaped to accordion; solid to printed; light to dark — face masks are becoming the new fashion statement. Just ask Mykisha Atisele.

“I get some from Vera Bradley, I think this one is actually probably a Vera Bradley one, I’m getting them from Etsy. I like to try to support a small business and there are so many people who are creative and are doing just really neat things,” she said.

As cities, states and major retailers require them indoors, Atisele’s built a collection.

“I have them as a scarf, I have a matching head wrap, sort of a mask combo, I get them sort of blinged out with rhinestones,” she said.

At Audrey’s of Naples, owner Quenby Taylor and her staff are cashing in on the mask craze.

Quenby Taylor, owner of Audrey’s of Naples.(WINK News)

“We started creating these Lilly Pulitzer masks because Lily is a big seller for us in the store,” she said, and they’re flying off the rack.

“I only thought I was going to need to create one batch of them. As it turns out, it looks like this whole mask thing is here to stay,” Taylor said. “They’re basically shop cleanup fibers, so they have a very little amount of lint, but apparently, they’ve been tested and are capable of creating a barrier against most viruses and microbes.”

Taylor also says she’s donating all of the proceeds from their mask sales to charity.

Fashionably stopping the spread. “If it’s bright, pretty and fun I’m going to put it on,” Atisele said.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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