Humane Society of Naples sees increase in pet adoptions during pandemic

Humane Society of Naples says more people are visiting to adopt or foster pets, so they have some companionship during this uncertain time. Not only are people feeling happier, dogs and cats are getting love.

Humane society of Naples says they have seen steady adoptions to cheer people up during the coronavirus pandemic. And Dog owners told us Friday just how much their adopted animals saved them emotionally.

My sister had just had a miscarriage, and she needed something to take care of during that tough time of her life,” Raquel Puentes said.

Through tough times, four-legged friends have helped community members smile a little more.

“Pets have so many health and mental wellness benefits,” said Jonathan Forester, with the Humane Society.

Forester says they encourage people who are feeling isolated or uncertain during these times to adopt a pet.

“There is no good way to express how much having an animal in your life can help you,” Forester said. “If you have a dog, you walk more. And so you have lower blood pressure. And, if you have a cat, you’re going to experience the joy of companionship.”

Forester says, since the pandemic, they’ve seen a lot of adoptions.

“I think people took this as an opportunity to add a furry family member,” Forester said. “I think they saw they would be stuck at home quite a bit.”

Human Society says, at one point during the pandemic, it only had 40 animals at its shelters because so many people were adopting and fostering. It’s currently holding appointments for adoptions and say there are plenty of pets who still need homes.

And it’s a win-win situation.

We fell in love with her. We adopted her,” Puentes said. “We just kind of see them as an addition to the family.”

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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