Tax documents. Photo via WINK News.
Tax documents. WINK News photo.

Last minute tax filers may run into some issues if filing electronically

Your taxes are due Wednesday, but if you waited until the last minute, you may run into a problem filing electronically.

You may not even have the option to file an electronic tax return and will have to send it through the mail.

This glitch is related to the coronavirus stimulus check if you used the non-filers tool to receive a cash payment.

H&R Block posted to their website a warning about this, saying that if you used the IRS non-filer tool for the stimulus check or filed a simple tax return showing zero to one dollar income to receive the stimulus check, you’ll need to file a new tax return by U.S. Mail instead of electronically with “Amended EIP return” written or printed at the top.

If you filed a 2019 return just to receive your stimulus check showing $2 or more of income, you should file your 2019 taxes using form 1040-x to amend your return.

You can find instructions on how you can amend your tax returns if this happens to you and where to get that 1040-x form here.

Because of the pandemic, the IRS is seeing a backlog of returns, so if you submit paper returns through the mail, you may have to wait even longer to receive your check.

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