Biden campaign ads ramping up in Southwest Florida

We’re just months away from Election Day, and presidential candidate Joe Biden is checking Southwest Florida off his list by starting a media blitz across Florida.

You’ll start seeing a lot more of the former Democratic vice president in TV ads as the region hits his campaign’s radar.

“I think that you know our job is to reach out to as many voters as possible, to do the work, to take nothing for granted,” said TJ Ducklo, Biden’s national press secretary.

That means turning Southwest Florida, traditionally Republican, into a battleground.

The chair of the Democratic Party of Lee County thinks it can happen.

“There is the road to the White House that has to go through Florida, and we are very excited about having the commercials come on and also having more and more help in Southwest Florida,” said Gabriele Spuckes.

The push coincides with phase two of Biden’s economic recovery plan, “which focuses on clean energy jobs, focuses on infrastructure jobs, some of the biggest problems in our country from climate change to crumbling infrastructure to the lack of affordable housing,” Ducklo said.

How would Biden help an economy that depends on tourism?

“I think the best way to help tourism is to get the pandemic under control,” Ducklo said. “The president, Donald Trump’s lack of coherent plan to get the pandemic under control is what is fueling such hardship with the tourism industry.”

Biden’s national campaign strategists plan to meet with Florida party leaders next week to talk about how to tackle Florida effectively, together.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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