Lee County deputies respond to scene at Iona Lakes apartments

Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a scene at the Iona Lakes apartment complex in the Iona area of south Fort Myers Friday.

Deputies were at the intersection with Iona Road and Anchorage Way, where law enforcement officers had the entrance to the apartment complex blocked off with yellow tape.

Neighbors told us they heard a helicopter circling over the apartments around 3 p.m. as deputies began to put up yellow tape around a black car at the complex, and it appears the car’s windshield was smashed.

Although not confirmed by LCSO, neighbors say they originally heard shots fired before deputies arrived at the complex.

“Did I hear what I think I heard?” said Mike Markewinski, a WINK News producer and Iona Lakes resident-witness.

Markewinski heard what he believed to be gunshots. He shared what he recalled as the scene unfolded.

“Seven or eight gunshots, you know, in rapid succession,” he said. “Makes you scratch your head.”

Other neighbors said they also heard the shots. Some said they were drawn outside by the sound of a helicopter circling overhead. That’s when they noticed the black car with its windshield damaged. Deputies blocked it off with yellow tape and began collecting evidence. Investigators did not say how the car window got smashed in or how the car was involved.

“This is not an area that’s known for a lot of crime,” Markewinski said.

A woman told us she saw two young men taken into deputy custody.

“The one cop comes in, and the other one comes the other way,” witness Kim Allen said. “Then, there’s two young black gentlemen that they apprehended.”

Allen says the suspects yelled out to neighbors as they ran through the neighborhood.

“They ran behind some of the houses, and some of the other neighbors came running out,” Allen said. “And the suspects said that they were being chased.”

Allen told us she was able to speak directly to one of the investigators who confirmed they had apprehended suspects.

“I went and asked one of the officers,” Allen said. “I’m like, ‘Is everything OK? Can we feel safe?’ and he said, ‘Yep. They got the suspects.’”

After possible suspects were apprehended, neighbors said us they saw K9 units arrive at the scene with a helicopter continuing to fly overheard. There is no word yet if investigators are looking for more suspects.

Deputies have not confirmed anymore details at this time, and it remains an ongoing investigation.

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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