SWFL Jewish community reacts to NFL star’s anti-Semitic post

NFL star DeSean Jackson posted a quote from Adolf Hitler on his Instagram, but why isn’t he facing retaliation?

We’ve seen the “Black Lives Matter” protests happening all over the country – and the world – but this week, anti-Semitism is making headlines after Jackson, a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, posted a Hitler quote claiming “the Jews will blackmail America.”

The owners of the Eagles immediately condemned the post, as did many people across the nation.

A Southwest Florida rabbi said he’s saddened by the post but sees it as an opportunity for education.

“He’s a role model for other people in the African American community,” said Temple Judea Rabbi Marc Sack. “Our relationship with the African American community has been important to us in the Jewish community and it really looks like it needs some more work.”

Most people labeled the post as anti-Semitic, but the executive director of the Jewish Federation of Lee and Charlotte Counties, called it something else.

“I really attribute what he said to his ignorance,” said Alan Isaacs.

Despite the almost universal criticism of Jackson and his post, former NBA player Stephen Jackson went on social media to say DeSean Jackson was speaking “the truth.”

“I think it shows that there’s a lot of learning that has to happen on DeSean’s side and on Stephen Jackson’s side,” said David Boetz, a member of the local Jewish community.

Both men have now apologized.

“I take it at face value,” Isaacs said.

“We’re glad about that; I think he issued it on several platforms, which is good,” Sacks said.

The Jewish community wants DeSean Jackson to know one thing: “We love you, DeSean. We love every color, we love every creed, and DeSean, I would appreciate it if you would do the same,” Boetz said.

After the post, the chairman of the Horowitz Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza in Philadelphia invited DeSean Jackson to take part in an education session.

Jackson said he will attend.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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