SWFL teens inspire thousands of ‘writings of warmth’ sent to those in isolation

“You matter.”

These two words are written on a handmade card Margaret Donnelly received from a total stranger. As she opened it, she read even more kind words written just for her.

“‘You are amazing.’ They have vivid imaginations,” Donnelly laughed. “I appreciate it.”

Margaret Donnelly holds up a card sent to her from “Writings of Warmth.” (WINK News)

Her smile says it all and the Illinois woman is one of the thousands of people around the globe receiving “Writings of Warmth.”

That’s the name of this mail mission created by two Gulf Coast High School students.

“I was thinking 2020’s been so crazy so I just wanted to kind of make the world a little bit better, even if it was to make one person happy for like five minutes,” said Leah Verwohlt. “I thought it’d be a good idea to write letters to senior homes because my grandparents are pretty lonely right now.”

“Writings of Warmth” (WINK News)

Now, Verwholt and Joey Scalogna are proud to be behind thousands of letters written by virtual volunteers around the world who saw the site they created and wanted to help the teens spread joy.

“It grew to France and Canada and many states in the United States,” Verwohlt said.

Creating kindness, then signing it, sealing it and sending it to wherever it can spark a smile.

“‘Hi. I’m thinking of you. Sending happy thoughts.’ They’re so sweet. They are so sweet,” Donnelly said.

Proof a little kindness can go a long way to brighten someone’s day.

The two teens lead about 200 volunteers creating “Writings of Warmth” and if you’d like to be one, check out their website, here.

Both students say they plan to continue sending letters to assisted living and isolated communities after the pandemic ends.

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