Man becomes enraged over confrontation about masks at Costco in Lee County

A moment captured on video shows a customer screaming at the Costco at Gulf Coast Town Center recently after a woman and a man asked him to wear a mask. It hit social media and has since gone viral Tuesday.

On top of that, the man recorded screaming at the Costco in Lee County has reportedly lost his job due to his behavior shown in the video.

The use of masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus has become a divisive issue. Some believe they should not be forced to wear one, while others say it’s the right thing to do.

The video shows a 17-second portion of a confrontation between customers.

The person behind the camera told us an elderly woman inside the store asked the man to put on a mask.

Costco says shoppers and employees must wear a face covering at all times inside.

“Your choice is here,” Penny Holt said. “You can wear a mask, or you don’t go in.”

“I thought it was pretty messed up, since it’s a rule by Costco,” Cristian Tulbure said. “So I guess you gotta follow it.”

“I think it’s only fair,” Rocky Olah said. “They’re just trying to protect their loved ones, so I kind of find it selfish if he doesn’t have his mask on and someone [asked] him politely, you know?”

But the man shooting the video says the screaming customer started yelling and harassing the older woman. When he cut in, he says the man started yelling at him.

The video below shows the confrontation captured at the Gulf Coast Town Center Costco.

The Ted Todd insurance agency in Bonita Springs says the man in the video is a former employee. They fired him when social media users alerted them to the video. They say the behavior is in direct conflict with the company’s values.

“The guy didn’t want to respect the rules, so it’s on him,” Tulbure said. “But management handled it.”

“They’re infringing on my civil rights also by not wearing the masks, so they’re real self-centered people,” Holt said.

“People don’t want to bring it back home to their friends or their families, so I think he’s in the wrong there,” Olah said.

Costco did not want to comment further on the video.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office says it’s aware of the incident.

We tried to reach out to the man in the video, but we have not heard back.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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