Youth baseball tournament takes place near COVID testing site

Kids participating in the Perfect Game tournament were pretty excited to get back out on the field, especially on such a nice day.

“It feels amazing,” said Jake Turer, a Perfect Game baseball player. “It feels amazing to be back after about two or three months of being off.”

Some of them just felt nice to finally return to normal. “I mean, we really get to come out when there’s something happening in the world and we get to feel like everything is normal again,” said Chase Anello, a Perfect Game baseball player.

But the reality of the pandemic is just next door to CenturyLink Sports Complex. “When we drove, up we drove into the wrong parking lot, and it was just this COVID testing center,” said Taryn Anello, a mom of one of the players.

While many of the families at the tournament were from Florida, those getting tested across the street seemed concerned.

Briana Charles, one of those being tested said, “Should they have them here now? No. But it’s the way of life.”

Another person getting tested, Ashley McDole said, “A little eerie, but as long as everyone’s protected.”

Luckily, over at the field, bleachers were blocked off, people were encouraged to wear masks, and many families brought their own chairs and other gear to watch the game.

“I was one of the moms that was very hesitant and didn’t let either one of my sons come out the first couple of times,” said Danielle Turer, the mother of the player we spoke to. “But, after hearing some parents and talking to people and realizing how they were handling it, I was like, ‘OK, it’s our turn. Let’s get out there,’ and it’s been a blessing.”

But most of the families are just happy that they’re getting a positive sign to play ball again.

“We’re just thankful that this is happened and if they keep getting positive news, positive exposure that we can play baseball and practice social distancing at the same time,” Anello said.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Drew Hill
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