New clue in case of missing Cape Coral woman

Cape Coral Police say one Cape Coral woman could be in danger. Lauren Dumolos’ father came all the way from California to help find his daughter.

The family was checking the routes Lauren normally traveled, such as Four Freedoms Park, which she walked through every day. When her family went to the park, not only did they find her purse, they also found her shirt.

“Right here, down right in here,” said Lauren’s sister, Cassie Carey, at the shoreline where her sister went every day. She and her other sister’s boyfriend found the shirt together.

“We ran over to it and it was this burgundy, lace shirt that Lauren commonly wore,” Carey said. “When we spotted it, we took a look at it and compared it to photos that she was in, so it’s a very distinguished…it has a pattern on it. It’s lace. It’s not just, like, your typical t-shirt. It’s very obvious that it was one of hers.”

But finding the shirt left Lauren’s family with more questions than answers about her disappearance.

“It’s panic. It’s oh my god how did this get here because we’ve been frequenting this park a lot. We’ve been through this park probably two to three times a day, every day for the last week and a half,” said Carey.

Lauren’s sister called the police to turn the shirt over to them as evidence.

“You don’t know if it was left there as evidence that something bad has happened to her or was it left there for us to have false hope. I honestly don’t know because you have a mixed amount of emotions right now,” said Lauren’s father Paul Dumolo.

WINK News Safety and Security Expert Rich Kolko says any evidence could be a step in the right direction. “Everything is based on evidence, interviews and investigation. Now they have a shirt, so they’ve got something to investigate. They can do interviews: when did that shirt get there, when did somebody find it, who saw it?”

While Lauren’s family says every piece helps, they really just want to know that she’s safe and for her to make it home.

“I haven’t stopped. I have done as much as I possibly can from the time I wake up until it gets dark and then some,” said Dumolo.

“We just want to hold her and hug her and kiss her and just know that she’s okay,” Carey said.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Drew Hill
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