Are hotels getting booked in SWFL ahead of July 4?

We spoke to a hotel owner in Naples Tuesday to see if they are getting all booked up ahead of the Independence Day weekend.

And some beachgoers have mixed opinions on restrictions at Naples beaches and others in Collier County for the holiday weekend that could keep people from coming over from the other coast.

The owner at Inn on 5th tells us they are staying busy and booked. But, so far, he has not seen too many east coasters booking rooms.

“The beautiful sunsets,” Cheri Dubey.

“Clear my head, walk on the beach,” Ahmad Henry said.

“They want the beaches. There is no question about it,” said Philip McCabe, the owner of Inn on 5th.

It’s summer in Southwest Florida, and the beaches are what keep businesses and hotels booming in the area.

“We’re happy with the month of June just ending,” McCabe said. “The hotel operation is approximately 85% of last June’s sales.”

McCabe says this summer has been extra busy, but the beach restrictions put in place for Fourth of July weekend might slow things down.

“We can sense the demand isn’t there because of the closure of the beach and typically Fourth of July is a very strong day of the week,” McCabe said. “What I’m sensing now is that fear is rising again.”

A big question is whether or not the restrictions will keep east coasters away.

“Of course, they are going to come over here,” Robert Crow said. “Then, we’ll kick them back over there.”

“They are still going to come if they want,” Henry said.

McCabe says he expects 5th Avenue to be busy no matter the turnout on the beach.

Other hotels in Lee County have told us they have been booked as well.

Some don’t think the beach restrictions will help, while others think having them is a good call.

“I still feel like the restrictions that are set are going to be well enough to protect everyone,” said.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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