School reopening task force moves forward with recommendations for Lee County

We got a first look at what next school year could look like for students in Lee County Wednesday.

Recommendations include all pre-K to 6th grade students return to full, in-person instruction, while 7th to 12th graders will follow a hybrid model. That would see half the students go to in-person class Monday and Tuesdays and then virtual Wednesday through Friday.

The other half will be online Monday through Wednesday and then in class Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be reserved for cleaning.

Other recommendations regarding masks and transportation were made.

The reopening task force will now make a draft reopening plan, and that will be presented to the school board sometime next month.

For transportation, the task force decided to limit distancing between students but emphasizes the use of masks and other protective measures like hand sanitizer and windows.

They will also likely assign seats.

We spoke to a parent about these recommendations.

“Parents with multiple children, parents who have to work, they’re going to be leaving their kids at home to basically fend for themselves,” said Brenda Clarke, a reopening task force parent representative.

For kids who don’t have a good internet connection or ample internet connection, it poses a lot of problems.

“Trying to teach my daughter myself really made me respect the school system a lot more,” parent Adina Bridges said. “Because she doesn’t take instruction from me like she does from somebody outside of the home, so it was really hard.”

As far as health and safety measures go, temperature checks will become the norm when students get to school. Masks will be encouraged but not required and will be available for students and staff. They will incorporate one-way hallways. Families or students who want to remain socially distanced can enroll in Lee Virtual School for a minimum of one semester.

Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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