Expert says prevention everyone’s responsibility despite larger amount certain age group

We know more seniors are hospitalized or die from the coronavirus than other age groups, but the Florida Department of Health says seniors not among the group with the most cases. State data shows those between the ages of 25 to 34 make up the most COVID-19 cases.

We wanted to know if those in their twenties and thirties carry the biggest burden to limit the spread of the virus.

A doctor we spoke to says she would not place all the burden on that age group; however, some in Collier County worry there is still a higher level of preventative responsibility.

We asked people if it bothers them knowing young age brackets could be cause for getting others sick.

“Yes, it would have and anyone else,” said Steve Fiore in Naples. “It would be careless. Wouldn’t it? I think so.”

“Do we go out and still do some stuff? Yes,” said Jaydah Stroup in Naples. “Should we? Not yes.”

Fiore worries he and the younger generation might not be as cautious about the virus.

“They just want to party and have a good time and live their life,” Fiore said. “I don’t think they are thinking about all the ramifications.”

Stroup says she completely understands how the older generation must feel.

“I can totally understand it though,” Stroup said. “I’m not ever going to disrespect someone about that because they are scared, and they are older. We are younger, and I’m pretty sure we would be fine.”

Dr. Bindu Mayi, a professor of microbiology at Nova Southeastern University, says, of course, the younger generation comes up when people talk about who is to blame for the increase in cases.

“Why are we talking about young people more? Because they are the ones who are more inclined to go to a bar or a restaurant or because they may feel a level of invincibility,” said Dr. Bindu Mayi, a professor of microbiology at Nova Southeastern University.

But, when we asked her if the 25 to 54-year-old age group held the biggest burden of limiting the spread of the virus she said no.

“I’m saying no because I think I see older people as well not wearing masks,” Mayi said. “It is our collective responsibility. All of us have to do it.”

Mayi says we all play a part in prevention.

“We can prevent vulnerable people from getting it by not being part of the chain of transmission,” Mayi said. “And the way to remove yourself from that is by engaging in prevention.”

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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