9-year-old girl writes LEGO about concern for diversity in its characters

LEGO sets have been a favorite for generations. When a young girl was introduced to them, she noticed distinguishing characteristics: Some colors were missing from her collection.

We met with 9-year-old Bella Wednesday who loves climbing trees, riding her scooters and, more than anything, building LEGO sets.

Recently, something didn’t seem right Bella when she was building with LEGOs.

“I was building in my LEGO city that I have set up here, and I noticed that I only had two brown people and 15 white people,” Bella said. “And, well, that doesn’t look like my friends and the world.”

So Bella took the matter to her mom.

“She literally one day grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living room, and she laid them all out,” said Jennifer Davis, Bella’s mom. “She made them all stand out for you here … She pointed, and she’s like, ‘Look mom. Look.”

Jennifer told us she looked online for a set that was more diverse. With everything going on right now, she decided now was the right time to talk to Bella about different races and cultures.

“About why people are protesting in the streets and what racism is and what it looks like and what Black Lives Matter is,” Jennifer said. “And that when you see something that’s not right, you need to do something about it.”

So that’s exactly what Bella did. She wrote LEGO herself.

“I’m really proud that she noticed that, especially proud that she didn’t just go back to playing LEGOs,” Jennifer said. “But that she really wanted to do something about it.”

Now, Bella is waiting for LEGO to answer. We also reached out to LEGO Wednesday but have not received a response.

Reporter:Morgan Rynor
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