Local activists say just protesting and marching will not bring the change they want

Several demonstrations calling for changes have ended at the police headquarters. But what’s the next step after picket signs and chanting?

These protests have happened daily in many cities around the country, with several people calling for the defunding of police departments.

Standing alone these protests send a clear and powerful message that people want change now.

But a man who spoke to WINK News says the real change will take more than signs and chants.

“Marching it’s cute, saying Justice no peace it’s cute, but it’s not gonna do anything if all we’re gonna do is just that is just chant and march. Our goal is to make real change so we had some voter registration’s out yesterday to get people registered to vote,” said Cape Coral resident, Richard Smith.

Some big cities are calling for the defunding of local police departments, but a woman who’s organized a lot of local protests outside the Fort Myers Police Department says there are other ways to accomplish change.

“What we would like to see is more transparency from the police department, we would like documented cases of disciplinary measures when these things happen. We would like to see police officers have more training in the areas of mental help and just knowing better the people that they are dealing with,” said community activist, Chantel Rhodes.

Both say the upcoming election is the best way to influence policy on a local and national scale.

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