Former Collier County deputy shares ‘miracle’ return to music

Published: June 8, 2020 3:50 PM EDT
Updated: June 8, 2020 5:01 PM EDT

David Jolicoeur believes in miracles, and that the reason he’s alive today is because he experienced a miracle of his own.

Jolicoeur worked for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years, earning various badges and awards for his service in law enforcement. In April of 2019, his life changed.

“I had a pretty bad motorcycle accident,” said Jolicoeur. “I have what they call dissociative amnesia…I don’t remember what happened.”

Jolicoeur’s wife, Kristina, remembers getting the call that her husband had to be med-flighted to Lee Memorial Hospital and learning the extent of his injuries.

“He had multiple head injury trauma, broken vertebrae in the back broken leg the worst of it was the abdominal injuries all the bleeding,” Kristina Jolicoeur said. “It still gives me goosebumps to think that he almost died.”

“So it’s pretty much a miracle that I survived,” said Jolicoeur.

The couple was amazed to see Jolicoeur begin to recover from his injuries and return to his lifelong passion: making music.

“I started (playing) when I was eleven,” Jolicoeur said. “Songwriting is something that is near and dear to me.”

Within a year of his motorcycle accident he thought may end his life, Jolicoeur returned to composing and performing songs with messages he hopes inspires others.

“If I survived all this anybody can survive,” he added.

Before he begins performances, Jolicoeur sometimes shares the story of his ‘miracle’ with the audience and continues to share his appreciation for life.

“I’m pretty thankful that I’m still here,” said Jolicoeur.

David Jolicoeur streams his concerts on social media and you can watch them here.