Outside seating at restaurants in Cape Coral. Photo via WINK News

Cape Coral small business owners can apply for $5,000 loan Monday

Are you a Cape Coral small business owner that needs help making ends meet? You can apply to receive a $5,000 loan from the city for help with rent or mortgage payments.

The owner of Diamond Dave’s Creative Jewelry said the money will help out a lot in the coming months.

“For me myself, $5,000 would cover probably about two and a half months. People are not buying luxury items, it’s just not there. We will be the last to come back,” said Dave Fulkerson, owner of Diamond Dave’s.

Unlike Diamond Dave’s, LadyCakes Bakery doesn’t fall in the CRA boundary to receive the cash.

The owner said when she found out, it was a huge disappointment.

With no big events happening, her cake orders have dwindled, leaving money extremely tight.

“We’re just gonna keep being here and trying to create normalcy for our clients and customers. I keep reaching out … hope that other programs are available that we may qualify for,” said Bess Charles, owner of LadyCakes Bakery.

The deadline to apply is Friday, June 12. You can click here to apply.

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