Protests form in Lee County in support of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement

Protesters went out in droves Saturday to “The 1,000 Man Non-Violent March” from Clemente Park to the Fort Myers Police Department in downtown Fort Myers. This was the second of two marches on Saturday to end up in front of FMPD headquarters.

A crowd of about 200 people showed up to demand justice for George Floyd and others who have died across the country while in police custody.

George Torres, an organizer of the downtown protest, says police should follow the laws they’re enforcing. “Equality, the same laws that they enforce, they should be following,” he said.

Many agree that they’re not just coming out for George Floyd but for all of the lives that have been lost. “Obviously black lives are being targeted, so we gotta stop that,” said one protestor.

Another had this to say, “I’m out here for my kids. I’m out here for every black person in America. I’m out here to create systemic change in our justice system. So that everybody has equal opportunity, equal rights under the law.”

These marches come after years of demonstrations, and it seems people in the community have had enough. “All of those names were like water behind a dam, and George Floyd was that last name that came to that dam and broke it. Now, the waters are ready to flow,” Torres said.

One speaker says the injustice simply needs to end. “It’s not fair out here for us,” Jewelle McCray said. “Listen to us, and stop this injustice from happening to us all the time.”

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Drew Hill
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