Protesters demonstrate in downtown Naples and at Collier courthouse

We followed protesters who began marching from the Collier County courthouse in East Naples and went into downtown Naples Monday.

Law enforcement monitored the activity of protesters into the night. Our crew watched arrests made by law enforcement during the march.

Protesters told us they wanted their activity to stay peaceful. But there was a point in time when officers needed to show up to keep heavy monitoring of activity.

Law enforcement blocked roads demonstrators were on to ensure cars did not go down those streets.

Protesters march all the way from the courthouse in East Naples to 5th Avenue downtown, where officers asked protesters to stop crowding the roadway and get onto the sidewalks.

There was a point when a protester threw water bottles and crumpled-up signs at officers.

Protesters were emotional and said they were in public for their family and for their future.

Officers say they will be monitoring the downtown area all night, and many protesters left the downtown area and returned to the county courthouse.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Anika Henanger
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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