Suspects Michael T. Rowe and Delshierra Saunders, 25. Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Victim breaks free after being hog-tied in Charlotte County, two arrested

Late Thursday evening, the Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office was called to a home in the 15000 block of Community Avenue in the county over what was described as a domestic dispute. A victim came running out of a nearby wooded area asking responding deputies for assistance.

The victim says they were invited over to the residence by suspect Delshierra Saunders, 25. When the victim arrived they say they were ambushed by additional suspect Michael T. Rowe, 27, and pulled from their vehicle. Rowe was toting an assault-style weapon at the time.

Following that, the suspects escorted the victim into the home and “bound and hog-tied” them in the kitchen with a belt and an extension cord. Rowe then took the victim’s money and credit cards whilst holding the individual at gunpoint.

The victim was able to break free and hide as Saunders argued with Rowe. They then headed out of the home and into the woods, where deputies later saw them.

When the detective spoke with Saunders, she stated that Rowe wasn’t there and she had no knowledge of an altercation. Saunders would not allow deputies into her home without a warrant. CCSO SWAT also made several attempts to coax Rowe out of the home.

Once the warrant was obtained, Rowe was found hiding under a mattress in the master bedroom of the home. Three children were present in the home at the time of the altercation.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell said, “We take all crime very seriously, but when someone is physically harmed, we take special exception too and we will do everything in our power to rid our community of violent criminals.”

Both Rowe and Saunders face charges for false imprisonment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And Rowe faces an additional charge for possession of firearm ammunition or weapon by Florida convicted felon.

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