FMPD arrests sexual assault, burglary suspect

Fort Myers Police Department arrested suspect Kevin Agenord, 24, in Fort Myers Friday after he was accused of sexual assault at a senior home and a burglary at a separate home.

It comes as a relief for community and law enforcement after the suspect was on the run for more than 24 hours.

We were the only news crew on scene as police brought the Agenord into custody for questioning.

As our crew pulled up to Canal Street, they saw Agenord in handcuffs being put into a police cruiser. They also saw officers holding pieces of evidence, including putting a bicycle into a cruiser at one point.

We don’t yet know what led police to Agenord’s arrest location.

Agenord has an extensive arrest history with past charges related to domestic violence cruelty toward minors, assault of first responders and criminal mischief.

Agenord faces charges for burglary with assault, kidnap false imprisonment (child under 13 years old) and lewd lascivious behavior. Several other charges are pending the processing of DNA evidence.

Agenord is in custody at Lee County Jail. His bond was set at $70,000 on Saturday. His conditions for release include GPS monitoring and he must stay away from the site of offense, have no contact with the victim and family and no unsupervised contact with minor children.

His next court date is set June 29 at 8:30 a.m.

Family that was taken advantage of by suspect reacts to arrest

We almost immediately spoke to the brother and sister who said the suspect took advantage of them at their home after his arrest.

Their faces lit up when we told them police had the man in custody. They clapped; they hugged; they said it’s as if a thousand pounds have been lifted off their shoulders.

“I’m happy he’s not going to hurt anybody else,” Allana Pimentel said.

Allana claims the suspect in custody targeted and attacked her in her home.

And Allana says the reason the attack did not escalate is because her 13-year-old brother, Gabriel, knocked down the door and rescued her.

“Yeah, I just pushed it down,” Gabriel said. “It wasn’t very hard.”

When Gabriel got into the room, the suspect had Allana pinned against a bedroom wall and was exposing himself to her.

“It was just instincts,” Gabriel said. “It’s just things you do … You just jump into it. You can’t really like think about it.”

Gabriel is finally breathing knowing the suspect can’t hurt his sister or anyone else again.

“I’m just happy,” Gabriel said. “It’s like a whole pound, thousands of pounds coming off my — I just feel better now. I’m just relieved.”

The traumatic experience kept Allana up all night.

“I couldn’t go to sleep just like remembering about it because my heart like hurt,” Allana said. “I was pretty much just praying all night hoping that everybody was safe.”

Allana cried when she learned detectives believe the same man who attacked her also assaulted a woman living in a nearby senior citizens complex.

“I heard about what happened to the other girl, and I just like broke down crying,” Allana said. “I felt super bad for her. I hope she recovers from it.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Dannielle Garcia
Morgan Rynor
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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