Caloosa Elementary 5th-grade teacher creates Flat Ms. Rossell, virtual class fun

In this week’s Star Teacher, I’m introducing you to Caloosa Elementary fifth-grade teacher Erin Rossell.

She says because of the bond she has with her students she could tell the pandemic was affecting their spirits.

So she found a unique way to cheer them up, “I could see they were missing school some cried it broke my heart I said what can I do to put myself out there for them.”

Rossell knew she needed a unique way to connect with her students during this tough time, so she made Flat Ms. Rosell, “I said look I’m at your house with you any time you have a question.”

She hopped in her car and delivered all 27 students a special packet.

“I placed my picture and cut it out and put it on there and they could take me on an adventure,” Rossell said. “It was the writing assignment for the week creating a slideshow whether it was at home or one of the students took me on a four-mile hike. It created their reading and their writing and made them use their creativity.”

And the unusual connection is letting her see a different side of them.

“One little girls’ father passed away over the summer and she never talked about it. She opened up to me about it and said I went to see my dad’s grave today. And she sent me a text, I just love you so much.”

From visiting her students at their homes to being a part of special moments, Ms. Rossell definitely brings her a game.

Reporter:Sabrina Katz
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