New CDC guidance says main transmission of COVID-19 is not through touching surfaces

Doorknobs, countertops and light switches are all high touch surfaces thought to be dangerous because of how they could help spread the coronavirus.

But now, “We know it spreads easily between people, so the other routes of transmission that we’ve been talking about is from touching surfaces,” says Dr. Bindu Mayi, professor of microbiology at Nova Southeastern University.

“The new CDC guidance says that it may be possible for the virus to spread in these ways, but it is not thought to be the main way in which the virus spreads,” Mayi said.

For some, it may seem like the time to step away from the sanitizer and soap, take a break from bleach and discontinue their disinfecting, but Mayi says not so fast.

“It doesn’t say it doesn’t happen,” she said. “I think we should continue doing what we have been doing.”

Kristine Hollingsworth with the Department of Health Collier County agrees.

“We don’t encourage people to ‘relax,'” she said. “We know that because this is so infectious, relaxing and going about what used to be normal day-to-day business could be dangerous and it could make another peak.”

So even with the updated guidance, we need to stay vigilant against the virus.

The new guidance says the virus’ main mode of transmission is person-to-person. The best way to stop that is through social distancing and avoiding crowds.

Reporter:Veronica Marshall
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