WINK News sends DEO, governor names of unpaid unemployment claimants

In less than 24 hours, thousands of you filled out our online form with your questions and concerns about unemployment, wondering if and when you’ll receive benefits.

WINK News on Tuesday sent the first 5,000 names to the Department of Economic Opportunity and the governor’s office after Gov. Ron DeSantis challenged reporters to show him who is still waiting.

Now, we’re waiting for their response.

At the same time, CBS News confirmed that the Secret Service is investigating a multi-million dollar fraud scheme targeting the unemployment insurance system.

They have cases in seven states, including Florida.

DeSantis said Monday that payments are going out, but the DEO is still required to verify certain information to prevent fraud, and that takes time.

“We’re getting people from other countries applying, we’re getting people from other states applying, and so that all goes through the process,” DeSantis said.

At a Tuesday press conference, DeSantis celebrated the fact that the state has paid out $2.6 billion and the DEO has processed almost a million eligible claims.

He admitted there are still glitches his team is working on every day, but he believes the process has greatly improved. Some people who applied are getting paid within 10 days.

The governor said those who are still having issues may have employers contesting their application or the system flagged them for possible fraud.

You can watch the governor’s full press conference here:

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Reporter:Sara Girard
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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