Lindsey’s lesson: Sanibel Sea School

Published: May 19, 2020 7:48 AM EDT

Tuesday’s Lindsey’s lesson helps you spend time with your kids learning about the beautiful place with the Sanibel Sea School.

The group is still holding off on after school programs and early summer camps, but they’re hosting different sea lessons online.

Every Tuesday they do a creature feature on their Facebook page.

Last week was a two and a half minute clip on the Cassiopeia or upside-down jellyfish.

It gives a full science lesson about the creature, including their habitat, how they eat, and how they benefit the rest of the sea life.

Then every Thursday at noon, Doc Bruce takes you exploring.

Last week, he talked all about dirt and showed the kids earthworms and explained how they’re beneficial for our dirt.

Finally, they’re sending out weekly emails called “Nature near you.”

You can sign-up for the newsletter or access the most recent lessons on their website.

For more information and to try it out with your kids visit the Sanibel Sea School website here.