Hotels on Fort Myers Beach prepare to accepts reservations, guests

Hotels on Fort Myers Beach can begin accepting reservations again Friday. The hotels we spoke to say the phone calls are rolling in for people looking to book but not all at the same time and not right away.

Hotels are confident they’ll be able to fill their rooms and keep the beach safe.

It’s a day establishments such as the Lani Kai Island Resort have been waiting, and it’s is right on the horizon.

“As soon as that was released to the public, we had so many people calling us wanting to re-book to come back down with us,” said Melissa Schneider, the director of Lani Kai.

But most potential guests are not looking to stay on Fort Myers Beach immediately. Many are looking to book throughout the summer.

“We had a lot of people that were calling that want to come down after that,” Schneider said. “And we’re happy to know that because we wanted it to be a slow process.”

A slow process is what manager Daniel Clarkston with Sun Deck Inn & Suites also expects.

“I don’t think the hotel is going to be super overcrowded so far because it’s just not the amount of people,” Clarkston said.

That’s why hotels and Mayor Ray Murphy are confident they can open rooms while avoiding overcrowding on the beach.

“There’s plenty of beach for people to stretch out on and distance themselves from each other, and I know that can be accomplished,” Murphy said.

While their doors have been shut, hotels have been preparing with sanitizing teams cleaning rooms, keeping masks and thermometers on deck for staff and guests and posting social distancing signs.

“We’re ready,” Clarkston said. “We’re gonna be ready on Friday.”

Now, hotels are asking people to do their part so they can stay open

“Everyone’s got to follow the rules, or we’ll have to start all over again,” Schneider said.

The hotels we spoke to say this will be a huge financial relief for them after a big hit from all of the cancellations.

Mayor Murphy told us he’s hoping to see a good turnout on the beach and in the hotels for Memorial Day weekend.

Reporter:Breana Ross
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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