Family happy for new care facility protections after mother tests positive

Another protection for nursing homes: Patients must now test negative for the coronavirus twice before they are discharged back to the facility. A local family says the facilities need all the protections they can get after their mother tested positive.

A family we spoke to said all hospitals and care facilities should be on the same page, so having the new rule puts them at ease.

“Last week was an emotional rollercoaster,” Diane Bortle said. “I was up and down.”

Bortle mother tested positive for COVID-19 last week while in a nursing home.

We need consistency and specific laws and rules to be guided

Bortle says she’s heard so many different guidelines with nursing homes and hospitals, so she is glad there is something concrete to follow

“We have to start somewhere, and this seems like an excellent place to start with two negative tests,” Bortle said.

NCH doctors say nursing homes are still hot spots, but following the new rule can help places that have seen low numbers for COVID-19

“What it’s going to do is more potentially prevent places from becoming a hotspot not that hotspots will be going down,” Dr. Benjamin Abo said.

But they still have a few concerns.

“I’m wary about part of it because we are still trying to learn when is negative—negative,” Abo said.

Bortle says she’s glad the rules are in place.

“I think it helps put clarity for all the family members and the physicians and nursing homes and even hospitals,” said.

Bortle said her mother is doing better and told me he does not have symptoms anymore.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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