Woman receives stimulus check after she says IRS showed wrong bank info; Here’s what to do

We have a happy ending to report from a Fort Myers woman who says the IRS showed the wrong bank account information for her stimulus deposit.

She thought her money may have ended up in someone else’s account, but one week after WINK News highlighted her issue, she has her money in hand.

Friday, Erica Rodriguez checked her bank account for her stimulus money.

When it wasn’t there, she decided to check her mailbox.

“I saw the colorful check through the envelope window and I was just like — is it the IRS check? It was,” Rodriguez exclaimed.

Last week, Rodriguez said that when she checked the IRS Get My Payment site for her stimulus status the bank account listed wasn’t right.

She said “The IRS has all my banking information because the last two years they directly deposited my refund into my bank,” leaving her confused as to how that can happen.

And if a person has an issue or a question for the IRS, the agency isn’t taking calls.

WINK reached out to Senator Rick Scott’s office to see if they had any answers.

Rodriguez says Scott’s office reached out to her directly, but WINK can’t confirm if the office was able to help.

However, a week after the original story aired, the check arrived.

She said, “It’s a big weight lifted off my shoulders right now and I’m really relieved.” Relieved that for another month she can pay her bills.

In a newly released FAQ section on the IRS website, it says if you don’t see your money in your account yet that it’s possible the IRS doesn’t have the correct bank info or that the deposit was rejected.

In that case, the money will be mailed to your address on file with the IRS.

If you’re concerned about the status of your stimulus payment visit the Get My Payment section of the IRS website HERE.

LINK: New FAQ section of IRS for stimulus checks.

Reporter:Allison Gormly
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