SWFL boy makes bracelets to raise money for food pantries, communities

Turning a passion into a way to help, a 10-year-old Southwest Florida boy taught himself how to make these bracelets. And it’s blossomed from a way to pass time in quarantine to a way to help people fighting COVID-19.

When Owen Fredella isn’t working hard going to school online, he works hard for others. He recently turned his newest hobby into a way to help people and their families experiencing food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It feels great knowing that I’m helping people,” Owen said.

Owenn weaves colorful rubber bands into bracelets and charges $1 per bracelet. But he’s not keeping the money for himself or his family.

“People need food,” Owen said.

All the money he’s earning is going to food pantries that are having trouble keeping up with the increasing need to provide food throughout the community.

“Seeing the lines of cars and the amount of people show up there is truly sad to see,” said Jessica Fredella, Owen’s mother.

Owen began his mission a few weeks ago, and he’s already made about 115 bracelets and raised more than $400.

Some people are donating money and not asking for a bracelet in return.

“I know they are struggling right now, so if we do get lots of orders, he’ll get his hands busy,” Jessica said. “And I’ll get my fingers going helping him too, so they can get their money as soon as possible.”

Owen and his family plans to donate all of the money to Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida in the next two weeks once more orders come in.

Anyone interested in ordering a bracelet and making a donation can contact Owen at [email protected].

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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