Lindsey’s lesson: Virtual tour of Tampa museums

Tuesday’s Lindsey lesson virtually takes you up to Tampa to check out two museums.

Let’s start with the kids: The Glazer Children’s Museum—they’ve created an entire page that is for “At home” activities.

You pick a topic: eat, experiment, explore, make, move and solve.

One experiment shows you how to make ice cream in a bag with five ingredients. This activity is easy and is kid-friendly.

For the bigger kids—or even adults, check out the Tampa Museum of Art. They’re doing art recess every day at noon.

They post a 20-minute activity with stuff you have around the home or in nature to destress and let your creative side have fun.

This art recess required a paper towel, brush and coffee grinds.

You can find all the links for virtually exploring the Tampa museums below:

Glazer Children’s Museum

Tampa Museum of Art

Reporter:Lindsey Sablan
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