School counselor says a powerful tool for relaxation is within you

Online learning started Monday for more students in Southwest Florida. For parents, teachers, and students who may be stressed, one school counselor has a simple suggestion — breathe.

It’s a message she Naples Park Elementary School counselor Julie Frizzi can no longer deliver in person. She wants students, parents, and teachers to hit the pause button when they get frustrated.

“Let’s do some breathing and stretching because breathing and stretching always makes you feel amazing,” she explained. “Sometimes when we’re tense we don’t make the best you know choices.”

And then, take a good, long, deep breath. A tool that we all have within us.

“Finding a place just to get silent and unplugging from everything. Of course, they’re going to be plugged in but really allowing that time away from your phones and away from the computer … Allowing yourself to just be still and quiet and practicing a deep inhale through their nose and a slow exhale.”

And until she’s reunited with her students her message to them is hang in there, “Everything is going to be ok and really just enjoy some time alone reading it’s really a great time to find great books and it’s just a new something new to start.”

Mrs. Frizzi has all her videos online for everyone to view.

She will walk you through breathing and stretching techniques.


Reporter:Lois Thome
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