Credit: Dick Pritchett live cam.

LIVE: Eaglet begins hatching at North Fort Myers eagle nest

Southwest Florida’s beloved eagle family is one step closer to having a new member.

Harriet and M15 have been watching over two eggs since late February, and on Sunday, the first egg began to hatch.

UPDATE: At least one of Harriet and M15’s eaglets has partially broken through its shell. WATCH LIVE on YouTube below:

Fans of the feathered family are still mourning the loss of Harriet and M15’s first two babies of the nesting season. One egg, E-13, didn’t hatch and little E-14 died from rat poisoning.

CROW and FWC say eagles usually only give birth once each nesting season but will renest if their first set of eaglets die.

When and if they hatch, the eaglets will be named E-15 and E-16.

You can watch the nest live at

Writer:Jackie Winchester
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