Estero mom holds driveway workouts for neighbors

Keeping our minds and bodies healthy is important during times of mounting stress.

One Estero mother is doing what she can to help her neighbors do just that – by offering driveway workouts.

Nine months ago, Jordan Paul gave birth to a girl. While she can normally work from home, the coronavirus had her feeling cooped up, so she decided to get out and give back – while doing her part to social distance.

“I just thought now more than ever people are itching to stay active,” she said.

That includes offering Zumba – outside, six-feet apart – to her neighbors.

“People want to get out and still move and still need to have a reason to smile, just to get all the craziness out right now. You know, it’s a win-win.”

Just like for her neighbors, life is happening in Paul’s household.

“I think this is what a lot of people are navigating right now, is trying to figure out how to keep their careers, keep their normal day-to-day life.”

An added bonus: Paul is asking for a $5 donation to a charity that helps feed kids. She raised $45 during her first class.

“In the grand scheme of things, you’re just taking care of a lot of other people and that matters and it matters now more than ever,” she said.

Reporter:Lois Thome
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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