Biden wins Florida, Arizona, Illinois primaries; SWFL local elections results

Joe Biden swept all three primaries on Tuesday night in Arizona, Florida and Illinois, CBS News projects. The contests took place amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis that led Ohio officials to postpone their primary, which had also been scheduled for Tuesday.

In remarks after his early win in Florida, Biden, speaking from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, said his campaign appeared to have had a “very good night,” but he also spoke about the coronavirus crisis. He told Americans that “it’s important to get through this crisis protecting both the public health and our democracy.”

Bernie Sanders gave remarks via livestream earlier in the night. He focused mainly on the coronavirus crisis and highlighted unity.

Tuesday’s lopsided results will expand the divide in delegates between Biden and Sanders.

It’s unclear when the next primary contests will be held. Georgia, which had been set to vote on March 24, has postponed its primary, as did Louisiana, which was scheduled to go to the polls on April 4.

President Trump, meanwhile, clinched the Republican nomination on Tuesday night.


AP calls Biden for Florida’s Presidental Democratic Primary.

Current Results:

  • 5,366 of 5,894 precincts – 91 percent
  • x-Joe Biden, 1,036,733 – 62 percent
  • Bernie Sanders, 383,491 – 23 percent
  • Michael Bloomberg, 145,890 – 9 percent
  • Pete Buttigieg, 39,769 – 2 percent
  • Elizabeth Warren, 32,557 – 2 percent
  • Amy Klobuchar, 17,219 – 1 percent
  • Tulsi Gabbard, 8,560 – 1 percent


Bonita Springs

  • Jess Purdon wins Bonita Springs City Council District 2 seat
  • Chris E. Corrie wins Bonita Springs City Council District 4 seat

Fort Myers Beach

  • Dan Allers, Jim Atterholt and Bill Veach win seats on Fort Myers Beach Town Council

See Lee County election results here.



Longtime Naples Mayor loses. Teresa Heitmann wins over Bill Barnett.

Credit: Collier County Supervisor of Elections.
  • Paul E. Perry, Mike McCabe and Ted Blankenship won their bids for Naples City Council.

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Charlotte County

See Charlotte County election results here.


The Associated Press calls Joe Biden as the winner for the Illinois Democratic primary.

Current Results:

327 of 10,114 precincts – 3 percent

  • x-Joe Biden, 40,919 – 63 percent
  • Bernie Sanders, 20,322 – 31 percent
  • Elizabeth Warren, 1,231 – 2 percent
  • Michael Bloomberg, 1,217 – 2 percent
  • Pete Buttigieg, 676 – 1 percent


Joe Biden has won Arizona’s Democratic presidential primary.

Current Results:

  • 400 of 1,381 precincts – 29 percent
  • x-Joe Biden, 203,999 – 42 percent
  • Bernie Sanders, 143,737 – 30 percent
  • Michael Bloomberg, 56,005 – 12 percent
  • Elizabeth Warren, 34,208 – 7 percent
  • Pete Buttigieg, 24,489 – 5 percent
  • Amy Klobuchar, 9,702 – 2 percent
  • Tulsi Gabbard, 2,455 – 1 percent

The state’s top election official had declined to seek a delay because of the coronavirus, saying there was no certainty that putting off voting would help.

Most of the 1.2 million registered Arizona Democrats cast ballots early by mail, but about 300,000 could vote in person Tuesday. According to figures obtained by The Associated Press, turnout among Democrats had already surpassed the 2016 election. Over 480,000 votes had been cast by Tuesday morning.

Biden also won Illinois and Florida primaries Tuesday. Ohio canceled its election because of coronavirus fears.

– Associated Press

Author: CBS News; Morgan Rynor/WINK News
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