Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall remains open despite coronavirus fears

People have been coming out to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in numbers to see the latest performances.

A lot of people we talked to were happy that at least one of the things they’d planned was not canceled.

Others said while they were happy to be there, they were a little more nervous considering the steps most other venues are taking to protect people from the coronavirus.

“I am thankful for the opportunity that I still get to work because I still have bills to pay, like no matter what goes on, everybody still has their bills to pay. But at the same tie, I am nervous just because everything that’s going on,” said Julyssa Medrano who was working as a valet for Friday night’s event.

“You can’t stop living,” said Liz Juarez who was there to see the show. “I guess you could watch Netflix at home,” she laughed, “but she invited me so I said, ‘Ok, I’ll bring my mask.'”

Barbara B. Mann did take to Facebook to assure guests that they are increasing cleaning and disinfecting of the performance hall, but people online weren’t as happy with the theatre staying open, with some saying the decision is irresponsible and others asking for refunds on tickets.

For more information concerning efforts being made at Barbara B. Mann, click here.

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Briana Harvath
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