Lee County students reject idea of extending school day to alter the way classes are scheduled

An ongoing debate between parents, students, and The Lee County School District is changing the way your child learns in the classroom.

The district wants to add 30 minutes to the instruction day and take away what is called “block scheduling” and students would attend all of their classes, every day.

The district might extend the day by a half-hour at each of the high schools, but a lot of students worry it will mess up their schedules and after school jobs.

So much so they started an online petition that now has more than 1,500 signatures.

“If they did this and it was all together compiled periods of homework every day would be super stressful,” said Cape Coral high school student, Adelle Hamstra.

Students say they expect dozens of students to show up at the board meeting tonight to voice their concerns.

They can speak during public comment but the district tells us there is nothing on the agenda tonight that specifically addresses the schedule change.

There is also no timeline for when the board has to make the decision.

Reporter:Andrea Henderson
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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