$675 billion on the line; schools ready families for census

This week teachers across the country are sending home flyers asking families to prepare for and respond to the census— and for the first time, you can do it online.

There is more than $600 million in federal funding up for grabs. And now for the first time, you can fill out the census online, which makes it even easier.

One of the many things that money goes to is our schools here in Southwest Florida.

The Lee County school district says this funding can be used for things like school lunches, after school programs, and special education.

Back in 2010— the school district says a lot of people did not fill out the forms and a lot of money was lost.

“We know they’re undercounted areas all across the state and we know there are several undercounted areas in Lee County from 2010. A lot of them look like they’re in Lehigh Acres when you look at the maps… So when you are undercounted you do not get the full amount of federal funding that’s available to you because it’s going to be based on population,” said Rob Spicker of the Lee County school district.

For those concerned about your information being leaked, it is against the law for any information you put on a census to be shared with anyone else.

If you would like more information on the census you can visit the Unites States Census website here.

Reporter:Nicole Lauren
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