High-tech skimmers found in Cape Coral 7-Eleven gas pumps

A new attack on your money, this time in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral police say half of the pumps at one gas station had high-tech skimmers inside. Investigators think they’ve been installed over the past several weeks.

CCPD rolled out the yellow tape around 11 a.m. Friday shutting down all the pumps at the 7-Eleven at the corner of Skyline Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway.

“We did find some skimmers inside the pumps at this station,” said Master Corporal Phil Mullen.

Detectives showed up at the gas station after a tech spotted the skimmers. The PD forensic team took pictures and placed four skimmers into brown bags.

The Cape Coral ordinance says gas stations must have a unique lock on the pumps or face a fine of at least $250.

Before leaving the 7-Eleven Friday, police initially wrote the station a fine and ordinance violation, but five days later, Mst Sgt Patrick O’Grady said in a statement: “The ordinance violations have been voided. It was found that they are in compliance with the ordinance. Detectives learned that the lock was site-specific, so there is no violation.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s too surprising,” said Patrick Ryan who lives in Fort Myers. “I mean, being from South Florida, it happens down here but I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled because I don’t want that happening to me.”

Mullen says to contact your bank immediately and the police department if you are affected.

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