Two accused killers head to court for execution-style murder in Lee County

Two men arrested for an execution-style murder in Lehigh Acres last week are back in Lee County and expected to face a judge Wednesday morning.

The crime was caught on dashcam, showing a man run-up to Isiah Robles’ car and open fire next to an apartment filled with families.

Deputies say that the trigger man was Ricky Ruiz, and with him during the time of the shooting was Victor Colon.

Between them, these suspects have been arrested more than 30 times.

Robles had just celebrated his 21st birthday a few days before he was shot and killed.

The disturbing video shows the suspects, Ricky Ruiz and Victor Colon take off after the shooting. The two went to Miami, but a joint investigation by LCSO and the US Marshals led to the suspects being arrested in less than 24 hours.

Friends and family of Robles still want answers as to why this happened.

”I can’t even believe they’re out running the streets like that. It’s just ridiculous. It shouldn’t have happened like that… none of it” said a friend of Robles.

On Wednesday in the courtroom, we will hopefully find out the motivation for the killing. Both are facing charges of Second Degree Murder.

Ricky Gaspar Ruiz, 24, and Victor Jimmy Colon Jr., 23. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
Reporter:Nicole Lauren
Writer:Lincoln Saunders
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