Harriet and M-15 are caring for two new eggs this nesting season. (Dick Pritchett Realty/SWFL Eagle Cam)

SWFL eagle cam fans excited for Harriet and M-15’s second chance at this nesting season

The eagle’s eggs have landed and eagle watchers say, at least in Harriet’s case, this is a first.

There’s a new energy of excitement soaring around Southwest Florida’s beloved eagle family.

“I’m happy. Now we can watch two of them grow,” said June Boyle who lives in North Fort Myers.

Harriet and M15 are now watching over two precious eggs.

“We are grateful that we have a second clutch and a new beginning is what I like to call it,” said SWFL Eagle Cam addict, Marie Chism.

She says she knew something was up. “Her behavior, just adding more sticks to the nest, adding more moss to the nest. The frequent bonding was definitely a key.”

People from all over came to get a look at the expecting eagle parents Wednesday, like Jennifer Sinclair, who watches the Eagle Cam from Michigan.

“It’s been years,” she said. “I watched since it was Harriet and Ozzy…It’s very neat to see nature at play.”

Boyle said a lot of her family came into town and she brought them to see the nest first thing.

Harriet and M15 fans are still mourning the loss of their first two babies of the nesting season. One egg didn’t hatch and little E-14 died from rat poisoning.

CROW and FWC say eagles usually only give birth once each nesting season but will renest if their first set of eaglets die.

Chism says this is a first for Harriet. “We have a new beginning and a new clutch and we are praying for two healthy eaglets.”

Now, eagle fans are looking forward to the future. The eggs are expected to hatch sometime at the end of March.

When and if they hatch, they’ll be named E-15 and E-16.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
Writer:Briana Harvath
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