North Naples homeowners worried about planned condos

Homeowners who live near Vanderbilt Beach are worried a planned condo and retail space will cause safety and crowding problems. One Naples will sit along Vanderbilt Beach and Gulfshore Drive in North Naples, housing 300 units and a private marina.

A little beach bar and a convenience store are places on the lot that would have to be demolished. They would be turned into 16 stories of residential living over two stories of parking, a coffee shop, and a marina.

Buzz Victor, the president of Save Vanderbilt Beach, has had over 500 people join the group in the last month.

“The community is very upset,” Victor said.

Traffic and building heights remain their number one concern.

“Particularly that corner where there is an immense number of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles…the traffic is horrible already,” Victor said, “much less what it will be when you start adding 240 residents.”

But, others look at it from a different standpoint.

“Those buildings are a little bit older and a little rough around the edges and to have something in there that is nice looking,” Kevin Delbridge said. “That would be a positive.”

Victor said the group is not against renovation.

“That site needs development and Stock would be a great guy to do it. It just needs to be more in scale with the community,” Victor said.

They want it done the right way, with fewer units and smaller buildings.

“I think we could come to an agreement where everyone is happy,” Victor said. “At least that’s the plan.”

There will be a community meeting on March 3, where the county will be represented and bring their findings to commissioners. Victor said from what they know, this whole process could sit in front of the planning board as early as June.

The developer did not respond to a request for comment.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
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