FILE - In this Sept. 13, 2019, file photo Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a town hall meeting at the Carson City Convention Center in Carson City, Nev. (AP Photo/Scott Sonner, File)

Bernie Sanders will win Nevada caucuses, CBS News projects

Bernie Sanders will win the Nevada caucuses, CBS News projects.

Entrance polls show Sanders leading in several categories, among men, women, independents, and younger voters, and three out of four of the voters who supported him on initial preference had decided on him before February.

Sanders is coming off a victory in New Hampshire and a lead in the popular vote in Iowa. Democrats have been closely watching the race, since the state better reflects the diversity of the party than Iowa or New Hampshire.

Health care was the top issue on the minds of Nevada caucus voters — more than four in 10 picked it, followed by climate change (roughly a quarter of voters) followed by income inequality and foreign policy, according to CBS News entrance polls.
Young voters (those under 30 years of age) are more likely than any other age group to support a government health care plan that would replace private insurance – about 8 in 10 said they do.

Around 75,000 Nevadans cast ballots during the four days of early voting that were open from February 15 to 18. Early voters ranked candidates in order of preference, and their votes are being included in the caucuses.

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Author: CBS News
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