Collier County planning advisory board denies veteran housing plan

On Friday the Naples Planning Advisory denied the next steps in getting housing for Southwest Florida veterans through the Wounded Warrior Alpha House.

The meeting completed around 11:30 a.m. and the verdict came back in favor of neighbors around the Alpha Variance house who say they don’t think this kind of home belongs in the neighborhood.

The city’s zoning laws, which state that no more than 4 unrelated people can be housed in a single-family home also came into play in the decision making for the advisory board.

Wounded Warriors of Collier County officially opened the home last month, which helps veterans get back on their feet.

The 4 bedroom home comes fully furnished and can fit as many as 8 people inside.

There are currently 4 people who live in the home— three veterans and a peer mentor— but Wounded Warriors of Collier County say the need is much greater.

“There’s no housing. These veterans today, up until we opened this house were being transported to houses outside Collier County to Charlotte County or Desoto County,” said Wounded Warrior of Collier County President, Dale Mullin.

This is not the final step in the process of getting houses for wounded veterans. We will have an update on this story as we gather more details.

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
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