Close friends remember young father killed in Lehigh Acres shooting

A young father whose life was cut short.

Isaiah Robles, 21, died at the hands of two convicted felons Wednesday night.

Dramatic and disturbing video shows a man running through traffic to shoot and kill Robles and risking the lives of other innocent drivers.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno announced at a news conference Thursday suspects Ricky Gaspar Ruiz, 24, and Victor Jimmy Colon Jr., 23, were arrested in connection to the crime.

Close friends of Robles, Tyler and Travis McCrary, say he had just had his son with his girlfriend a month ago. They described him as a good friend, hard worker and someone who didn’t deserve to die in a violent crime.

”He was just a good loving kid, man. He loved everybody. He loved his family, his friends,” Tyler said.

Isaiah Robles and friends (Provided to WINK News)

He last saw Robles a few days ago, surrounded by friends and family on his 21st birthday.

“Still a kid, man, still a baby,” Tyler said of his friend. “He was just so happy to be a father.”

His close friends called Robles a proud father. “Really, really excited to be a father,” Tyler said, before he lost his life.

”He looked out for everybody. He would give the shirt off his back for anybody,” Tyler said. “He didn’t deserve any of this, and now we just got to suffer.”

Investigators say in the video, you can see an armed man running through traffic firing shots. McCrary says when he and his brother, Travis, found out the two men had targeted Robles…

”It’s just heartbreaking, man. [We] made so many memories together since when we were little in middle school,” Travis said.

Ruiz and Colon, Jr. face second-degree murder charges. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says together, the two have been arrested more than 30 times.

”I can’t even believe they’re out running the streets like that. It’s just ridiculous. It shouldn’t have happened like that…none of it,” Travis said.

Isaiah Robles and his girlfriend (Provided to WINK)

“Now the baby has to grow up with no dad,” Tyler said.

Robles’ family says they’re too heartbroken to comment at this time. Friends don’t know why the tragedy happened.

LCSO says the two suspects and Robles all knew each other.

Reporter:Gina Tomlinson
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