Neighbor describes encounter with flasher; Fort Myers police increase patrols on McGregor

Wednesday, we told you about two separate reports of a man flashing people in the same area of Fort Myers, so police are now on the lookout for a suspect. And we spoke to a neighbor who says she encountered the flasher during her morning routine.

Fort Myers Police Department is increasing patrols along McGregor in attempt to spot a flasher amid two reports of a man exposing himself to people near Del Rio Drive and Shadow Lane.

Amy McQuagge spoke to us, and she is angry. She says a man exposed himself and exhibited lewd behavior during her regular morning run near her home.

“This felt calculated,” McQuagge said.

McQuagge is angry that a man would be so daring as to not only expose himself but touch himself in front of her, as she jogged in her McGregor neighborhood early Wednesday morning.

“I know what cars leave in the morning. I know who’s out there, and who’s not supposed to be out there, and who is supposed to be out there,” McQuagge.

McQuagge has lived and run through the area for two decades, and she did not recognize the stranger.

“I said good morning, and he said good morning back, but that’s it,” McQuagge said. “By the time I got up to him, I realized what he was doing, and I took off at a much faster pace.”

That’s when she called FMPD.

“Want to do my part to get it out there and let him know this is not a safe place to do this stuff,” McQuagge said. “Were a tight-knit, close community.”

FMPD says it does not currently have a suspect or suspect drawing for the reported flasher currently, but the investigation is ongoing.

Fort Myers police also confirm a group of women nearby reported a man doing the same thing in front of them.

“I did not go running this morning. I’m still a little spooked about it,” McQuagge said. “But I will be back on that street.”

Reporter:Michelle Mackonochie
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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