Homicide investigation in Lehigh Acres

A dead body in a car after a shooting in Lehigh Acres on Wednesday. Now, there is an active homicide investigation.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Woodward and Beth Stacey boulevards in Lehigh Acres around 5:45 p.m. Within the last few hours, deputies had everyone get back in their cars while they brought K9 teams through the area. On the scene is a mobile command center and several crime scene units.

Deputies said the incident is now a homicide investigation. A body is seen inside one of the cars behind the police tape and is covered with a tarp. There is no word yet on if deputies have made an arrest. Several people were crying close by. They said the people involved were family.

One man we talked to has been blocked from getting inside the apartment complex here. He said seeing all the police activity made him worry about his mother.

“I saw it begin down there,” Ed Kashmanian said. “And I thought they were chasing somebody. Then when I came down here, this is where my mom lives. So I’m like, ‘oh man, we’re going to have to get in there.'”

Writer:WINK News
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