Fort Myers fashion designer creates, donates robes for cancer patients

Galen Magee loves wrapping breast cancer patients in robes he’s created to make them feel better during their battle. The 39-year-old fashion designer has donated more than 250 robes to local patients since starting his “Jayne’s Robe” project.

“I was inspired by my mom, Jayne, who’s a breast cancer survivor,” Magee said. “I sent her a kimono when she was facing breast cancer and she really liked it.”

This month, Jayne accompanied her son to the Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers to be part of his latest delivery to patients there.

“It really does feel like you’re just being wrapped in love,” Jayne said of the custom-made robes.

Liz Bachoo-Garib is the Breast Health Nurse Navigator at the hospital Magee delivers to and sees his donations making a huge impact and spreading smiles among patients who are happy to receive them.

“I’ve had the women tell me that it makes them feel beautiful, it reminds them that they’re a woman first and a cancer patient after, so a huge impact,” Bachoo-Garib said.

Magee said his goal for 2020 is to deliver at least 20 robes each month to the oncology center so that every woman just diagnosed with cancer can receive one.

“I think the most rewarding part of the project is always the messages I get from women that receive the robe,” Magee added.

His designs are on sale at his website,, where he says every purchase supports a new robe being given to a local cancer patient.

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